Premier detergent & disinfectant wipes

The all-in-one wipe that has the best in class performance for cleaning and disinfection.

Our winning formula.
Biodegradable, non-ionic surfactant with non-streaking and superior wetting properties. Containing three active biocidal agents for maximum effectiveness and adaptability. Optimised for use in both clinical and non-clinical settings on surfaces and equipment. This single step solution kills 99.999% of pathogens and viruses. Tested and ARTG listed for use against SARS and COVID.

A cloth that is a cut above.
Made from a newly developed, soft apertured polyester substrate that works with the formula to provide superb formula retention and extreme traction to pick up dirt, bacteria and other pathogens where other, thinner cloths just simply push it around the surface.

While germs aren’t safe, your equipment is.
Developed with key clinical equipment providers to ensure an unparalleled range of device and material compatibility. Our formula was developed to ensure the wipes will effectively clean hard surfaces and equipment without causing harm.

Available in a variety of formats to suit every need including tubs, canisters, soft packs and with a biodegradable cloth for an environmentally friendly alternative.

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  • Kills 99.999% of pathogens after just 30 seconds
  • Larger cloth (25-50% larger than most competitors)
  • Approved for use on an unparalleled range of device and material compatibility
  • Tested & ARTG listed for use against SARS & COVID 1 & 2
  • Contains three active biocidal agents for maximum effectiveness

The superior cloth

Cloth comparison

Testing Data

Premier detergent & disinfectant wipes testing data

Product Varients

Cloth Size33 x 22cm33 x 22cm33 x 22cm22 x 20cm28 x 25cm
FormatSoft PackSoft PackSoft PackCanisterTub
Wipes per pack 5050100200280
Packs per carton 12126122


  • Hospitals & operating theatres
  • Aged Care and rest homes
  • Kitchens, restaurants and cafe’s
  • Schools & Gymnasiums
  • Factories
  • Cosmetic/ Beauty clinics / Tattoo parlours
  • Commercial
  • General cleaning

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