Premier detergent & disinfectant wipes

The all-in-one wipe that has the best in class performance for cleaning and disinfection.

Our new, expertly designed formula is optimised for use in both clinical and non-clinical settings on surfaces and equipment. This single step solution kills 99.999% of pathogens and viruses including SARS and COVID.

A superior cloth with superb formula retention and extreme traction to pick up dirt and pathogens where other, thinner cloths just push it around.

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  • Approved for use on an unparalleled range of device and material compatibility
  • Kills 99.999% of pathogens
  • Tested & ARTG list for use against SARS & COVID 1 & 2
  • Contains three active biocidal agents for maximum effectiveness
  • A newly developed, soft apertured, polyester substrate cloth for superior performance


Product Details

Cloth Size33cm x 22cm33cm x 22cm
Wipes per pack 50100
Packs per carton 126


  • Hospitals & operating theatres
  • Aged Care and rest homes
  • Kitchens, restaurants and cafe’s
  • Schools & Gymnasiums
  • Factories
  • Cosmetic/ Beauty clinics / Tattoo parlours
  • Commercial
  • General cleaning

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