Microfibre Range

Chemical-free cleaning.

Reynard Microfibre range provides optimal infection prevention, superior performance and improved productivity.

Proven to remove 99.9% of all dirt, dust and pathogens including Clostridium difficile and Pseudomonas aeruginosa spores, these high quality cloths effectively remove dirt without the use of harsh chemicals. Ideal for use wet, dry or used with steam for the most efficient clean.

Also available as a disposable mop head for superior, chemical-free floor cleaning.

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What is microfibre?

Our cloths are a microfibre blend of polyamides, each fibre is finer than a single strand of silk. The material is split several times to make in a finer thread which is then woven together, allowing the cloth to remove dirt more efficiently from surfaces.

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The mechanical force created by scrubbing the surface effectively hoovers up the dirt into deep spaces within the cloth. This allows the dirt to be drawn into the cloth rather than it being pushed around the surface, providing a superior chemical-free clean


  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Reduces water usage and plastic consumption
  • High quality cloth that won’t tear
  • Cheap enough to use once, but durable enough to rinse out
  • Health & safety: limits staff exposure to chemicals

Product Details

ProductDisposable microfibre clothsDisposable microfibre clothsDisposable microfibre Mop Heads
Cloth Size40cm x 32cm40cm x 32cm45cm x 13.5cm
Items per pack 502025
Packs per Carton 12284


  • Hospitals
  • General Purpose
  • Aged Care & rest homes
  • In the home
  • chemical-free environments

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