Re - Reynard RHS103 - Incontinence Wipes

We have three ladies with chronic urinary issues – skin issues, offensive urine, and recurrent bladder infections. The bacterial wipes are being used after a good wash/shower in the morning and after a wash in the evening. The staff wipe on and leave to dry and then place incontinence product on. We have noticed a marked change in the smell and the residents behaviour (less bacterial count In bladder) We are really pleased with the results and will start using them with all residents who pose the same problem.

Cheers Karen
Clinical Nurse Manager - Bupa Liston Heights


Farmborough Aged Care Centre CNC.
RHS 103 Incontinence Wipes

I would like to show my support for one of Reynard Health Supplies' excellent products, the RHS 103 Incontinence Wipes.
This product has greatly benefited one of our residents, and its ongoing use ensures her comfort and skin integrity.

One of our residents, an 83 year old lady, developed severe excoriation in March 2011 to her Peri-anal area, buttocks and thighs, due to urine scalding. We had been using Amolin and Dermalife creams to the excoriation, though it had minimal to nil effect, and the lady remained in extreme pain. Her Doctor ordered that a catheter be inserted for a month, which did improve her skin integrity whilst it was insitu, although excoriation was still moderately present and the lady remained uncomfortable.

After a month the catheter was removed and her continence aid regime changed, but the excoriation remained and slowly became worse. At the beginning of May 2011, we commenced using the Antibacterial Incontinence Wipes, and the excoriation began to resolve quite quickly. She is now totally free of excoriation thanks to the use of this excellent product, and we continue to use them for her as they form an excellent barrier on her skin to prevent further urine scalding. She is a much happier lady now that she is pain free, and I am very pleased that we have been able to help her.
I totally recommend this product to any health professional, in the prevention and treatment of incontinence and associate skin problems and irritations.

Co-ordinator, Wangaratta Childcare Centre, Australia
RHS201 Neutral Detergent Wipes

In regards to the Reynard Neutral Detergent wipes. We at Wangaratta Childcare Centre have found that using the wipes has been very beneficial for our service. We use the wipes to clean tables and benches and nappy change areas. The wipes are easy to use and will clean a large surface area. By using the wipes we no longer have to mess around with other detergents, sprays and cleaning cloths. After we have used the wipe it goes into the bin.
What sold us on the wipes was the information we received from Reynard Health explaining how after repeated use with alcohol based wipes virus molecules will begin to stick to a surface and with neutral detergent they are wiped away. This is important to us; especially on surfaces which many children have access too. In Childcare we need to be very careful with our cleaning as there are many opportunities for cross contamination between person (A) to person (B) and the neutral wipes allows us to this.

Thank-you for your suggestion to use the neutral wipe instead of the alcohol wipe it has saved us a lot of work.

RHS 102 Bath in Bed

'I have Cerebral Palsy so I am always on the look out for products to make my life easier and the Reynard Bath in Bed wipes do just that. Thanks to the convenience of these wipes I no longer have to stress about the accessibility of a bathroom when I am away from home... They are easy to use which means I maintain my independence and the added bonus that I love is the fact that they can be put in the microwave for a luxurious warm wash – thank you.'

HR Officer, ABnote, Sydney, Australia
RHS202 Surface Sanitising Wipes

ABnote, formerly Leigh Mardon, is a global manufacturer of Security Documents and Security printing services and the execution and delivery of our products relies heavily on the day-to-day presence of our staff. With sites throughout Australia and New Zealand, our production floor staff are in constant contact with each other and thus any illness brought into the production buildings can spread extremely quickly.

With the recent flu pandemic (H1N1 Influenza) hitting the shores of Australia, we at ABnote looked at the fastest option of trying to control the problem of spreading illness and keeping absenteeism of our staff to an absolute minimum.

Both the OH&S and HR teams agreed that a 'Hygiene Kit' given to each pair in the production area as well as the office staff would certainly be effective at minimising the risk of spreading any germs/illness.

I contacted Reynard Health Supplies to enquire about their Sanitising Wipes and spoke with Graham Turville-Ince who was most helpful.

We very quickly had the details organised for each site across Australia and New Zealand, including delivery details and Graham was very understanding with the urgency of the situation. The packs were sent out that day and arrived within 48 hours to all sites.

Approximately 1 week later, I contacted Graham to let him know that there was a small team of Operators who had been missed at our head office site and we required an extra pack of wipes to be distributed immediately if possible. Again, graham was very quick to react, and the wipes appeared at our site the following morning.

Overall, I was very impressed with Reynard Health Supplies, as were my other colleagues representing at the various ABnote sites. We appreciate their help and speedy assistance in a matter which required immediate attention and would most certainly call upon them for support in the future.

'New Mum', Melbourne, Australia
RHS 305 Everyday Wipes

Thank you for your enthusiastic help and assistance to date. After the birth of my daughter at St. Vincent Private Hospital, Melbourne on June 17 2009, the hospital provided complimentary wipes to assist with nappy change during my stay in hospital. These Everyday Wipes are magnificent!

They are chemical free, durable, large, dry and soft; so all I need to do is use water to get the job done!

Since coming home with my precious cargo, I have searched high and low for a product comparison with no luck. The only alternatives are moisture baby wipes which contain chemicals that I do not want my baby exposed to. With the wonderful help from Reynard Health supplies, I finally have been able to purchase the Everyday Wipes and have found them being excellent value for money and a safer alternative to other baby wipes! Thank you so much Reynard for this wonderful product!

Personnel Manager Australia, Cathay Pacific Airways, Australia,
RHS406 Antibacterial Gel & RHS402 IPA Surface Disinfection Wipes

Cathay Pacific Airways operates in the airline industry where our staff provide customer service to passengers who come from different walks of life. As such, they are often exposed and as such may be susceptible to different types of diseases.

Therefore, when the H1N1 influenza became more apparent in Australia, our aim was to do all possible to prevent our staff from contracting the H1N1 influenza by purchasing anti-bacterial hand gel and surface disinfection wipes.

Through their website, I contacted Reynard Health Company because their products were exactly what we were looking for and the cost and packaging of these products suited our needs.
I then telephoned the Company and spoke to Mr. Graham Turville-Ince. Graham was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, taking little time to quote and indeed order the products for us. He was honest in his information and explained that one of the products would be delayed because of delivery dates. In addition, he went to great trouble to ring around and tried to assist us in finding a supplier for face masks.

As a result of three very important points – products/price & customer service, I would have no hesitation in recommending Reynard Health to any prospective buyer.

'New Mum', Sydney, Australia
RHS 301 Super Soft Wipes

I have just given birth to a little boy, William, at the Mater hospital in Sydney. I left the Mater Hospital with 2 things:

  1. A wealth of knowledge and advice from the fabulous midwives
  2. Your address so that I could source the super soft dry wipes.

The dry wipes are the best product for the following reasons:-

  • They have a multi purpose / multi use whether for cleaning dirty bottoms, cleaning baby sick or assisting in bathing.
  • They retain water easily
  • They are fragrance free
  • They are good with sensitive skin.

I have been at home now for 2 weeks and have run out of my Mater supply of these wipes and have realised how William and I can't live without them.